About LivHOME

LivHOME is among the nation’s largest in-home providers of care for senior citizens. It offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, hygiene aid, transportation, social interaction, and expert care for people living with Alzheimer’s. Founded in 1999, LivHOME has since expanded across the country and has branches in Skokie, Ill., and Los Angeles, California, among others.

The organization holds its employees to a high standard, which has likely contributed to LivHOME’s continued growth. CEO and co-founder Mike Nicholson likens the company’s standards to those he would expect if his own mother were receiving care from LivHOME. Therefore, LivHOME’s requirements for its caregivers meet or exceed the standards of its competitors. In addition, top professionals in the geriatric medical field serve on the advisory boards in each market that LivHome serves.

Before hiring candidates, LivHOME conducts thorough background checks and drug testing. After being hired, caregivers receive training from LivHOME University, and while working, each caregiver is paired with a manager responsible for maintaining best practices. In addition, the organization’s customer-service philosophy emphasizes matching clients with caregivers suitable to them.

Each market that LivHOME participates in has an advisory board on which senior-care professionals serve, and several professionals affiliated with LivHOME have been interviewed by the media as to their opinion on senior care issues. Publications featuring LivHOME include, among others, “Comfort Life,” “BlogTalkRadio,” and “Long Term Living.” In addition, Kelly Richard, manager of care at LivHOME’s Houston, Texas, location, is a licensed social worker with experience as a therapist for Intra Care Hospital and the Houston Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority. She composed a three-part series titled “Seniors and Depression,” in which she discusses the causes of depression in senior citizens and offers strategies to alleviate their symptoms. These strategies include social engagement combined with a healthy and varied diet.